Save years of slow progress and practice room burnout. When "white knuckle discipline" alone won't get you past your technical limitations, this system WILL.

Take it from renowned recording artist and master class clinician, Adam Larson...

Adam's Story: From Inspiration, to Frustration

I was eleven years old when I first started playing the saxophone. Driving down the road to a basketball game, my father had the Brecker Brothers album, Back to Back on the car stereo. A little over three minutes into the song "Night Flight", I heard a flurry of notes from the very bottom of the saxophone all the way to the top.

It was at this exact moment that I knew I wanted to be able to play like that - with impeccable time, clarity, and sound.

Awestruck and inspired, I felt a burning desire to develop the technique to play like Brecker.

Unfortunately, I came to learn that inspiration alone wasn't enough. Instead of "tearing it up" like my new idol, I found myself running into walls of technical limitation, unable to move the metronome to that next click marking.

Tension Was the Culprit

Over those early years of struggling with my technique, I became more and more aware of how I was carrying tension, not only in my body, but also in my mind. I realized that to play fast, I had to lose the tension. But it was easier said than done.

My Personal Breakthrough

It was one thing to have an awareness of what was holding back my technical skills, but knowing what to do about it was quite another.

Enter my saxophone teacher, Larry Harms, who would forever change the way that I thought about technique. Larry showed me a new approach to quickly and gracefully moving around the horn. I immediately found that this way of practicing technique made sense, and most importantly, delivered results faster than I would have imagined.

All of this was extremely exciting because I could instantly see the long term benefits for my technique and ability to improvise at any tempo.

The Feeling of Finally Hearing Those Blazing-Fast Lines Come Out of My Horn

Within weeks, I was playing with a new level of dexterity and clarity. The tension that was holding me back? Nearly dissolved.

Using both Larry's lessons, as well as the learnings from my own extensive trial-and-error, I've been able to find a level of technique that's given me the tools I need as a busy professional jazz saxophonist.

Your Turn to Burn

Unfortunately, too many of us have been taught to blindly (and tediously!) practice scales and arpeggios without really uncovering those holes in our technique that are holding us back as musicians. Luckily, there is another way - a more efficient and, believe it or not - enjoyable way that I constantly see moving players to that next level - in every aspect of their playing, not just technique.

Now, I've distilled into a uniquely powerful learning program the exercises, techniques, and concepts which I've witnessed to be the biggest "game-changers" for myself as well as for my students, so that you too can take your technique to a level that you never thought possible.

If you've ever experienced the same frustrations as I described earlier, then I'd like to invite you to skip those years of struggle I experienced. I firmly believe that if you follow this program at your own pace, you will realize your own ability to execute those lightning-fast flurries of notes, and keep up with just about any tempo that's thrown your way.


"This course is and has been an immensely effective tool for me to improve my technique and fill in gaps that many of my teachers missed in their approach to teaching the technical aspect of the saxophone. One of the best aspects of this course is the fact that Adam details the practical applications of all of this technical work, even including exercises and examples for use over conventional tunes! I can’t recommend this program highly enough – anyone looking to fill in any technical gaps will do well to check this out!"

Matthew Muneses - Saxophone Instructor, St. Charles North HS/Freelance Saxophonist

A Special Sneak Peek!

Your Instructor

Adam Larson
Adam Larson

Adam Larson is a saxophonist, recording artist, composer and educator who began playing saxophone at the age of 11. Described by critic Howard Reich of The Chicago-Tribune as “a player for whom the word ‘prodigious’ was coined”, by Peter Hum of the Ottawa Citizen as “a saxophonist who brings Donny McCaslin and Mark Turner to mind”, and by Nate Chinen of The New York Times as “the sort of jazz musician who gets flagged early on as a promising talent and then hustles to meet every requirement for success”, Larson has garnered numerous awards that distinguish him as one of the most promising artists of his generation. Adam holds BM and MM degrees in Jazz Performance from The Manhattan School of Music, where he graduated with honors as a Master's student as the recipient of the William H. Borden Award for Outstanding Performance in Jazz.

Adam is an endorsed artist for P. Mauriat saxophones and Vandoren reeds, ligatures and mouthpieces.

Finally, Technique With No Speed Limit

There aren't too many experiences in music that stir up raw energy like hearing the naturally rich and powerful sound of the saxophone spitting out rapid-fire notes with surgical-precision.

In this one-of-a-kind, step-by-step video series (the only course you'll ever need on sax technique), if you take action at your own pace, (just for starters) you will:

  • Be able to steer the giant sound of the sax through high-speed blisteringly-fast runs, flurries, and melodic spirals
  • Experience the horn as a pleasure to play, as it becomes an extension of your body
  • No longer freeze up when someone counts off a tune at 275 bpm
  • Find an intensity in your playing that sparks the "adrenaline factor" in your audience
  • Be that player who nobody wants to take a solo after

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"Adam Larson's Lightening-Fast and Crystal-Clean is a great program to help in the technical development of any level saxophonist. His graduated course of study addresses many challenging exercises to not only improve your technique, but give you the freedom to execute more advanced improvised phrases. I highly recommend this series of lessons!"

Will Campbell - DMA, Professor of Saxophone and Director of Jazz Studies at UNC Charlotte

Faster Than You Might Think - If You Take Action On This Material, You'll...

  • Hear and feel Every. Single. Note. speaking clearly out of the horn at levels of speed you've never approached before
  • As quickly and efficiently as possible, develop a deeper level of "muscle memory" for lightning-fast execution than you ever thought possible, allowing you to approach, and even achieve, a "virtuoso"-level of technique
  • Feel comfortable playing anything, in any key
  • Eliminate confusion by knowing the number of beats-per-minute to shoot for to ensure that you'll almost always be able to consistently perform any given passage in a "real world" situation
  • Learn how to position your hands and the rest of your body in order to overcome the feeling of tension that's preventing you from fluently moving throughout the range of the horn
  • Be able to tear it up on those super-fast tempos, now that your faster fingers are able to keep up with your "faster hearing"
  • Find yourself practicing technique with purpose and direction, focused on results, not just blindly practicing scales and arpeggios as nothing more than a "necessary evil" and a chore

Beyond Completely Revolutionizing Your Technique, You'll Also...

  • Become the rare breed of musician who is fully conscious of what they're playing on a mental AND intuitive, ear-based level, as opposed to someone who just lets their "fingers do the walking"
  • Develop a whole new, vocabulary of hip and modern musical ideas to use in your solos, since your ears and your fingers are no longer limited by what would normally fall comfortably on the horn
  • Save time by practicing smarter, not harder, boosting your skills in advanced harmony, and general improvisation, all while cranking up the BPM's on the metronome
  • Never, ever run out of things to practice
  • Achieve a newfound level of control over your tone quality and embouchure, as the lessons in the video push you (at your own pace!) to get comfortable moving around the horn in ways that would occur naturally to only the most advanced saxophonists
  • Gain a new level of confidence as a musician, as the material in the program impacts every single aspect of your playing beyond just technique, from sound, to originality, to the emotional impact your playing has on an audience

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Supercharge Your Technical Chops - Starting Right Now!

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Includes 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s a complete breakdown of everything you’ll get inside the Lightning-Fast and Crystal-Clean program:

Unlike many other online courses, this isn't just one long video that you have to sift through when it comes time to take the material into the practice room.

Lightning-Fast and Crystal-Clean is a comprehensive learning program, broken into separate modules with progress markers for each lesson.

Were you to get all of this information via private lessons with Adam, you'd be paying more than TEN times the cost of this course!

(and run the risk of forgetting much of what you learned if you couldn't absorb everything on the spot)

Videos that Feel Like One-on-One Lessons

  • A lifetime's worth of lessons delivered in the span of just under two hours of video that you take in bite-sized pieces, preventing overwhelm, and letting you celebrate repeated victories all along the way.
  • You get easy access on any device (laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone) so you can master technique from anywhere.
  • Sheet music is clearly displayed on the screen as Adam demonstrates, so that you can approach each exercise knowing exactly what your end result should sound like.
  • Each exercise is followed by a screen with the sheet music by itself, encouraging you to "hit 'pause' and give it a shot yourself!". Keep your focus in one place for maximum results.
  • Each lesson stands on its own, so you can go through the program in any order you like, choosing the path of study that keeps you most successful and inspired.

Exclusive E-Book Containing Every Single Exercise From the Videos

  • Exercises book comes in three versions - one for each key: Bb, Eb, and C.
  • If you prefer to read music on paper or using a free PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat, then you'll love this downloadable PDF. The E-book is only 14 pages, so there's not a lot to print out, but in it are years and years-worth of exercises to super-charge your technique.
  • The measure numbers in the book match the on-screen sheet music, so if you prefer reading off of the PDF, it's super-easy to find the exercise as Adam is teaching it.
  • Easily read the entire E-book on screen using any device, sparing you the frustrating experience of trying to download and open a PDF file on a smartphone or tablet.

"Cheat Sheet" E-Book Containing Every Exercise Transposed Into All 12 Keys

  • If you find the prospect of mentally transposing the exercises in the book a bit daunting, that's OK - we've got you! This E-book add-on is here to make sure that if you're new to the skill of transposition, you'll never feel stuck, and are able to move forward towards tangible, game-changing results. Remember, it doesn't matter where you start, but rather, where you're going!

Progress Tracking Worksheets to Ensure That You're Seeing Results

In PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Google Spreadsheet Formats

  • Enjoy the ultimate alternative to the traditional (oftentimes sloppy and disorganized) paper notebook.
  • With the PDF worksheets, get an "at-a-glance" view for each of the 85 exercises in the videos, complete with sheet music
  • Download the PDF versions as an 85-page PDF with all of the worksheets, or a single zip file with the individual worksheets
  • Feel an inspiring "rush" of satisfaction with each update.
  • Eliminate any doubt as to whether or not you're actually making progress
  • If you're a bit on the tech-oriented side, the chart also comes in an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet formats.
  • Easily identify precisely where your technical weak spots are so you can eliminate them as quickly as possible.

The Course Curriculum You'll Be Using to "Turbo-Boost" Your Playing

Getting Started
  • Making the Quickest Possible Progress with This Program - Here's a quick overview of how we're going to keep you informed and inspired.
  • Alternate Fingerings - We start your journey into the realm of "Saxophone Speed Demon" by making sure you're familiar with all of your fingering options for moving between notes as elegantly as possible.
  • The Power of Transposition - You're being set up to practice (and improvise!) like the masters, super-charging your ears and fingers at the same time.
  • Altissimo Fingering Chart - You get a variety of fingering options for adding the exciting dimension of blazingly-accurate lines above that 3rd octave.
  • Lightning-Fast and Crystal-Clean Exercise Sheet Music - There's no need to skip around the video looking for an exercise, we've got 'em all here for Bb and Eb instruments (along with concert key for reference) to read clearly on screen or download as a print-friendly PDF.
  • Sheet Music for Exercises Transposed in All 12 Keys - Daunted by the prospect of transposing? No worries! We've got every exercise transposed for you to get you started until you're comfortable transposing in your head or by ear.
  • Progress Tracking Worksheets - You're maximizing your practice time and results with a true sense of clarity as to what practice next while getting that rush of accomplishment each time you update the sheet with a faster tempo for any given key in any given exercise.
Laying the Foundation
  • Introduction + Getting the Most Out of Practicing Technique - This is where we get you set up for maximum results and encourage you to be patient with yourself.
  • The Physiology of Great Saxophone Technique - Eliminate about 50% of your technical challenges right off the bat.
Horizontal and Vertical Approaches To Scales
  • Moving Horizontally Through Major Scales - You're uncovering and overcoming surprising weak spots in what is normally the most standard (and boring!) way we've been taught to practice scales.
  • Moving Vertically Through Major Scales - Jumping around the range of the instrument, you're moving way beyond what people would normally expect to hear from a sax player.
  • Scales in Different Directions - Along with "tricking your fingers" to break you out of your areas of technical limitation, your ear-training and "musical visualisation" skills start expanding in surprising ways.
Expanding Technique and Harmonic Understanding with Modes
  • Modes of Major - Here is where we start putting your newly-supercharged technique into practice by adding to your jazz improv vocabulary.
  • All Modes of Major Starting on the Same Tonic - You're opening your melodic and harmonic concept over cool-sounding chord changes which Adam demonstrates with piano accompaniment.
  • Practicing Arpeggios Using "Inners" and "Outers" - Say goodbye to boring arpeggios on auto-pilot, and hello to a hip way to add dexterity by turning arpeggios upside down and inside out.
  • Triad Pairs - Besides pushing your technique by moving vertically around the range of the sax, you're learning "Coltrane-esque" patterns that you can immediately use in your solos.
Diatonic Intervals
  • Diatonic Intervals in Alternating Directions - Tackle these with everything you got, and you'll have laid the foundation for busting out with super-high-energy melodic lines (and if you're ready, flex your "altissimo muscles" too!).
  • Turning Your Technique Practice Into New Melodic Content for Your Solos - Using Adam's approach to ultra-efficient practice, here's where you continue building technical chops while igniting your creativity and moving past your repertoire of "licks".
Working with Chromatics
  • Chromatic Scale - The Horizontal Aspect - Here you're "snaking" through the range of the horn, developing "fancy fingerwork" that makes your playing super-clean, eliminating those amateurish-sounding "blips" between notes.
  • Chromatic Intervals - Your fingerwork gets even fancier here, with patterns that sound awesome in your solos, moving you at breakneck-speed across a bunch of tonal centers.
Adapting the Exercises for Other Scales and Diatonic Chords
  • Moving Horizontally and Vertically Through The Modes of Minor Melodic - Here we get into the stuff that sounds "outside" while actually being based on dense but correct harmony (think Trane, Brecker, Joe Henderson, Chris Potter, and other modern masters)
  • Examples of Adaptation of Exercise from Major to Harmonic Minor - Your launchpad for taking your chops, ears, and brain to "monster" territory.
  • Quick Reference for Additional Scales - Another section to prevent overwhelm and keep you on track if you not 100% clear on the other scales you'll need to expand this material into years-worth of practice material.
Putting It All Together
  • A Practical Guide to Practicing the Material - Here's where you're offered just one of many possible ways to work all of this into your practice sessions in a way that keeps you motivated and seeing results.


"But wait - that's not all!". Get these FREE advanced lessons (in PDF format) and go even further in your musical transformation.

  • Etudes for Practicing Large Interval Jumps - Put what you've learned into practice with two of Adam's super-hip etudes written over the changes to Joe Henderson's "Recorda-Me" as well as Charlie Parker's "Confirmation" (transposed for Bb and Eb instruments).
  • "The Pool Principle” - A simple but powerful approach to navigating the ii-V7-I progression
  • "What You Didn’t Know, You Already Knew" - An overview of the building blocks of jazz melody and harmony
  • “Three Little Words: What's your Fee?” - A guide to effective negotiation with talent buyers

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Get More Than TEN Times the Value of These Lessons

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"Adam Larson’s Lightening Fast and Crystal Clean instructional video is laid out thoughtfully and thoroughly. It covers an almost endless way to approach dissecting scales, modes and arpeggios and then applying them to the saxophone and to improvisations. Adam explains and demonstrates the material in a clear and concise way and at the end of the instruction offers some really great ideas to use the material in practice. The material presented in this collection can provide years of material to practice from and an almost endless supply of material to use for improvising."

John Wojciechowksi - professional saxophonist, educator and Chicago Jazz Orchestra member

Even if you've already tried a ton of saxophone technique method books and videos...

You may have had the experience of not making it all the way through one or more books or courses, leaving you feeling like you fell short and missed out on something cool. Lightning-Fast and Crystal-Clean is different because it's intended to be a program that lasts you forever. In fact, you're almost not supposed to get through the entire program. The results come from the process, not the completion.

This program will get you to that next level and breathe new life into your technique practice if...

  • you have at least 30 minutes per week to work with the lessons
  • you are open to being pushed outside of your musical comfort zone
  • you can be patient with yourself, working towards nailing just a few exercises at a time instead of focusing on crossing a "finish line".

Why We're So Sure That This Method Works

Plainly and simply - Adam has seen this work, consistently, time and time again for both himself as well as for countless students over his years as a teacher and a highly sought-after clinician for music programs across the United States and beyond. By leading you to find and then eliminate each and every weak spot in your technique, there is no way for you to avoid making major strides when you put these lessons into practice.

“Adam’s video course LIGHTING-FAST AND CRYSTAL CLEAN is a great one-stop-shop for any student interested in saxophone technique. As someone highly visual, I wish this kind of video course would have been around when I started playing the saxophone. Congrats on a great online learning tool!”

Ueli Dörig - author of SAXOPHONE SOUND EFFECTS (Berklee Press) and SAXOPHONE UNIVERSITY (Hal Leonard)

Frequently Asked Questions

What level saxophonist is this program designed for?

Almost any level, really! If you are brand new to the instrument and are looking for a "how to play saxophone" course, then this is not going to be the best place to start. Otherwise, if you are a saxophonist willing to step out of your comfort zone, then taking action on the material here will be absolutely game-changing. Even if you're very advanced, you are extremely likely find some new "blind spots" in your technique, not to mention opportunities to creatively expand on the concepts and exercises in the videos.

There's so much more to being a great saxophonist than playing a bunch of fast notes. Are you guys trying to turn me into a cheesy showoff with no musicality?

Good question! Any time a musician makes showing off a priority in their playing, they are communicating musical immaturity and even low self-confidence. What we're offering you is a new level of creative control, allowing you to blow the doors off with blistering tornados of 16th and 32nd notes when appropriate, OR... glide smoothly and slowly from note to note in a hyper-exposed situation such as a slow ballad.

Can't I just get all of this stuff for free on Youtube?

Let's say you were able to spend the days/weeks/months it would take to comb through Youtube for a comparable collection of uniquely effective videos backed by years of proven results. It would then be up to you to figure out how put it all together in an attractive format that works on any device and makes your custom program a pleasure to work through. Then, you'd have to transcribe all of the exercises in the video to crank out the sheet music in order to let you work on the exercises away from the video. So technically, the answer is...SURE!

I'm not really good with computers - will I be able to use this without wanting to pull my hair out?

If you're tech-savvy enough to check your email, then you're almost certainly tech savvy enough to use this program. Once you purchase the course, it's just a matter of logging into the website, and all of the videos and sheet music are right there on screen, you don't have to download or install any apps or do any nonsense like that. And if you get stuck for any reason, just reach out and someone will help you right away!

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like (that means no recurring subscription fees) - across any and all devices you own.

"This masterclass provides Adam Larson’s considerable knowledge of improvisation and saxophone technique distilled into palatable segments with clear goals in mind. Each concept he presents is a foundational aspect in playing saxophone and improvising at a high level. Adam continues to prove himself an invaluable resource as a player and educator. I am delighted with the amount of quality information presented and would recommend this masterclass, and Adam, to anyone."

Andrew Strzyzewski - graduate assistant, Jazz Studies Area - Northern Illinois University

At Last, It's Time to Move from "Burned-Out", To Just, "Burning"

I know the feeling of walking away from a lame practice session, beaten down and unable to concentrate on anything but what went wrong.

But a great practice session? Is there anything else that leaves you feeling so confident? So filled with the spirit of music that excites us, counting hours till the next time, and ultimately - making serious improvements.

So I invite you to imagine - what would it feel like to live in an energizing cycle of consistent game-changing musical breakthroughs?

Maybe you can seeing yourself "cuttin' heads" over a blazing bop tune, or hearing the "hoots and hollers" from a packed dance floor as you blow the doors off with hypnotic, spiraling chromatic patterns over a solid funk groove.

Or, maybe you can imagine simply going about your day feeling upbeat and self-assured after making a breakthrough in the practice room earlier that day.

Now, imagine all of that starting not some time in the distant future, but right now. Today.

So with that, Adam and I look forward to helping you along in your new musical journey.

Happy blazing,

(blazing with a 20% discount that goes away on Feb 16, that is)

Doron Orenstein

Founder at and

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is With a 100%, 14-Day No-Hassle Guarantee

If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with Lightning-Fast and Crystal-Clean, then just let us know within 14 days of making the purchase and we’ll quickly refund you your money, no questions asked. We strongly believe that applying the information in this program is going to have a massive impact on your playing at a fraction of the cost of the private lessons you'd need match the quantity and quality of this content, but the most important thing to us is that you’re happy with your purchase , so no need to worry about wasting money on something that’s not going to fit your needs exactly.

Get started now!

Includes 100% Money Back Guarantee